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Fashion and style icon Loren Ridinger has created an innovative cosmetics line that is revolutionizing the entire industry. Motives® by Loren Ridinger combines a perfect blend of art, science and technology to create an incredible selection of customizable color combinations to suit everyone, regardless of age or skin tone. Innovative hues and high-quality formulas mixed with affordability make these fabulous products the most desired in the beauty industry. Whether it’s a soft, natural look for daytime wear, or a dramatic evening look, Motives empowers women everywhere to look and feel beautiful. From Custom Blend foundations and dual perfection powders to luxurious crème eye shadows and long-lasting rich formula lipsticks, Motives provides high-end cosmetics at a price anyone can afford. By creating such a customizable line, Motives ensures that each product is as unique as the women who wear them.

But the success of Motives goes beyond beauty. By becoming a Motives Color Consultant, you can create the lifestyle you have always imagined. You have the power to realize your full financial potential and bring YOUR dreams to life with Motives cosmetics!

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