What is TEC?
TEC is the pre-eminent leadership organization for the personal and professional development of Chief Executives. We provide businesses with the tools they need to outperform both the competition and themselves. This comprehensive toolset includes peer-group sessions, access to world-class business experts, one-to-one executive coaching and a global community of more than 14,000 members.
TEC programs lead to increased accountability for chief executives, better decision- making, reduced isolation, professional and personal growth, and positive organizational change.  Read more about TEC-Canada.

Is TEC for you?
TEC is for executives and senior managers who want to outperform the competition. Participants in TEC, including members, chairs and speakers, share some similar qualities:

If others look to you for direction, and you are constantly looking for the competitive advantage, you might find answers through TEC. You'll be part of a worldwide community of business leaders who are committed to finding answers to the most pressing challenges they face.

If you think TEC could be for you, contact Ken for more information regarding TEC Thompson-Okanagan at:
T: 250.545.7632
C: 250.306.5915
E. macleodconsulting@themacgroup.net